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2. How the Grey Water Transfer Tank works

 • As you go about your cleaning routine the waste water will gravity feed down your
    waste water pipes into the Grey Water Transfer Tank. 
• When the tank is full the pump will switch on and disperse the water wherever you
     have placed your garden hose.

3. What water pipes can be redirected to my Grey Water Transfer Tank?

• Laundry wash water
• Basins in bathrooms
• Showers and baths in bathroom

4. What water CANNOT be used in my Grey Water Transfer Tank?

• DO NOT use the outlet pipes from your kitchen sink and dishwasher as they contain fats, oils and organic matter that
   will quickly block up your GWTT. 
• DO NOT use the toilet water. Raw sewage needs to be disposed of correctly and treated before being released into
  the environment.

  5. What do I need to consider before installing my Grey Water Transfer Tank?

 • All your grey water pipelines will need to be correctly directed to your Grey Water           Transfer Tank. You may need help from your plumber to do this as the pipes need to   come in at a slight angle for the waste water to gravity feed into the Grey Water   Transfer Tank. 
• Pipes and fittings to get the outlet pipes to the Grey Water Transfer Tank are not included in this DIY kit.
• An electrical plug point is necessary for the pump to run from.
• The Pump has an automatic on/off switch which will switch on on demand releasing     the water from the tank into your garden, and switched off when the tank is empty.
• The filter sock needs to be cleaned on a regular basis as it catches the hair and organic matter that comes from your clothes washing and bathroom. Please use gloves when cleaning this sock for hygiene reasons. 
• This grey water is not treated and is only suitable for direct release into your garden     onto grass areas and plants that are not going to be consumed by humans. 
• This system is suitable for a hose pipe sprinkler and not for drip irrigation. 
• The water leaving the Grey Water Transfer Tank is not safe for human consumption


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